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Jazirah Aviation Club established since 1998 !

We are the first Light Sport Aviation club in the United Arab Emirates to be approved by General Civil Aviation Authority..

Jazirah Aviation club providing Light sport Aircraft (LSA) pilot training, following a syllabus that’s approved by the UAE General Civil Aviation Authority(GCAA).The LSA course is split into two phases ground school training and Flying, Which includes solo and dual flying. Student also needs to pass a final handling test before the flight permit is issued.

Duration of training: Approximately 60 days and depends on weather, aircraft availability, and student schedule. We can arrange flexible schedule for students according to their availability. We are open in weekends as well.

Our Flight Instructors

A good flight instructor is one that teaches beyond the standard.

One of the most important aspects of learning to fly is choosing the right flight instructor. Feeling comfortable with an instructor is what makes learning to fly a great experience. During flight training, a student and instructor spend a lot of time together in close proximity. In the small enclosed space of an aircraft cockpit, it is important to remember that diversity in individual personalities can lead to very different interactions. When choosing an instructor, use personal judgment and intuition. Ideally, select someone that is easy to get along with and who has a matching communication style.

Our Special Service

We are offering introductory flight (a person can fly with our pilot and enjoy the aerial view of Ras Al Khaimah) at attractive price that can fulfill the dream of any aviation enthusiasts.